To the Members of the United States Congress:

Companies pushing for war want to profit — military contracts, oil contracts. They don’t consider the effects of their decisions, how many people will be killed, how many people will be injured, how much pollution the war causes, the expense, the lies.

Too many in Congress are in the pockets of the oil and coal companies, the military companies, the financial companies. Even if you are funded by these companies, you must not vote against something that makes life better for the people you should serve.

Your job in Congress is to make life better for People, not for special interests. Your job is to make moral decisions, which means evaluating the options, and picking the option that benefits the most people and hurts people the least. Moral decisions are not quoting someone else and sticking to what they say; moral decisions are you thinking, through complex issues, guided by the many moral aspects of the issue, and coming up with a good workable solution.

Do the arguments for War actually make sense to you? Or are they unlikely?

Do you really believe the top negotiators in several countries didn’t think of releasing some sanctions only after verifying compliance with the agreement? I believe the negotiators did their job.

Do you really believe the top negotiators and top nuclear weapons experts couldn’t find ways of knowing exactly what Iran is doing towards a nuclear weapon? I believe the nuclear experts have detected and can detect radioactive material leading to a bomb. Yes, even with the “far too long”, as some claim, inspection delay, we can detect radioactive material having been present.

We already know when there is suspicious activity at a site. We already have satellite and cell phone surveillance. International nuclear inspectors will get more detailed, more specific information.

Do you really believe our having inspectors in Iran will make us less likely to detect if Iran cheats? How does having international inspectors in Iran lead to us getting fewer Iranian people telling them about nuclear sites? Wouldn’t they also get information leading to preventing terrorist attacks?

I believe people in Iran are excited about an agreement that spares them a war, and will report to inspectors, even if they are risking prison or torture or death, to save their village and country from war.

Don’t we already have satellite and cell phone monitoring and email monitoring, so Iran’s military and nuclear programs are known? Wouldn’t we get more detail with inspections?

Don’t the people who profit from war, raising the government deficit, then claim the deficit is too high and push to cut other people’s programs but never their own?

Do the people spending millions of dollars on TV ads against the Iran nuclear deal, want peace? Or profit? Do they want better lives for the people in your city, your state, your country? Or do they want more power?

You would be a politician with better morals, to think through the benefits and hurts, specifically, for different groups of people.

Vote for the Iran Nuclear deal.

p.s. Why has North Korea tested 4 nuclear weapons, yet not gotten  war? Why are the people supposedly committed to safety, ignoring that active nuclear program? Could it be simply North Korea doesn’t have oil? No “food” for the war hawks? Have you watched Rachel Maddow’s “Why We Did It” about war with Iraq, or examined the oil and money yourself?